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ServAdvisor is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we consume services by bringing customer experience to a new level due to a combination of Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customer incentivized review platform.


Here’s what Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch said about his ICO and the latest news in the industry,


First of all, tell us something about yourself.


My name is Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch and I’m CEO & Founder at


I’ve been doing for 5 years research in Statistics at Ruhr-University in Germany following 20 years of Executive positions at NASDAQ companies as Vodafone, Siemens, Nokia, etc.


When was the company launched and how many members were there initially? How strong is the team now?


ServAdvisor has been launched in the mid of 2017 having 5 key members on board. Now, we have 10 core team members, plus a strong team of 20+ code developers


If you don’t mind, tell us more about the strengths of your team. What is their average background and experience?


We have guys with 20+ years of industry experience delivering cutting-edge innovation projects in different part of the world including AMERICAs, EMEA, APAC and China. Plus, we have new ideas incubator coming from our rather young blockchain team. So, it’s combination of proven skills to deliver high-tech projects and disruptive ideas based on innovation in AI, blockchain and Mobile delivery platforms


What was the motivation behind starting this project?


We’ve realized potential and readiness of blockchain ti deliver peer-to-peer services and as a decentralized platform to enable our services for ServAdvisor with unlimited scale


What is ServAdvisor about?


ServAdvisor is the Worldwide first decentralized services recommendation platform designed for local service consumers and travelers. Basically, this is the revolutionary approach leveraging benefits of blockchain technology and providing direct connection between retailers, service providers and users.


ServAdvisor is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we consume services by bringing customer experience to a new level due to a combination of Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customer incentivized review platform. Remember how many times you found yourself standing e.g. at the beginning of a restaurant street looking for a place to eat? You might have read a lot of traditional ratings and even have printed out some of top places addresses, however they will not help. Moreover, most of them were already forgotten. Now, with ServAdvisor this will change.


How did you decide to use the blockchain technology for this particular project?


Blockchain is optimally suited for the peer-to-peer interworking providing platform for economical incentives of involved stake-holders. These capabilities makes blockchain perfectly suited for ServAdvisor.


Is it your first blockchain-technology-based ICO or have you previously worked with another blockchain project?


Yes, for me this is the first blockchain ICO but we have guys on board already involved in ICO work-out and launch.


Why not simply use fiat?


Fiat does not offer flexibility of blockchain to introduce a full eco-system with economical incentives for ServAdvisor stake-holders including service providers, consumers and travellers.


What gave you an idea that going the ICO way would be better for your start-up rather than seeking venture capital in the conventional way?


VC founding is rather old-fashioned with all known constrains on long-mid-term strategy execution of related company. We want to be first in the world revolutionizing services delivery quality and thus would like the broader approach as crowd founding. This will provide a chance to all our potential customers worldwide to participate at ServAdvisor. Morerover, ICO is a checkpoint for our readiness as a company to go BIG.


Why do you think participants would like to invest in your ICO? What will they get in return?


Our approach is quite new combining several cutting-edge technologies and will provide a clear value-add in services consumption. Future-proof for service development is outlined in our roadmap. Plus, forecasted No. of ServAdvisor App users is 50 000 000 by Q4 2019. Thus, expected price of 1 SRV coin by the end of 2019 is approx. 1,25 USD compared to 0,01 USD at Crowdsale.


In which geographic regions are you focusing? Or is it an internationally available ICO?


Our target is ServAdvisor world-wide availability without geo limitations.


Will there be a fee needed to use your platform or digital product? If yes, how much?


No, usage of ServAdvisor platform will be free-of-charge, this is essential for us.


Will the user need a specific wallet to use your currency or your service?


Any, ERC20 capable wallet can be used


Who basically is your target audience?


Service providers / Retailers and App users: E.g. restaurants, shopping malls, grocery, café, bars, department stores, bakery, jewelry, furniture store, florist, shoe store, book store, liquor store, pharmacy, cinemas, car dealer, car repair, car ash, casino, night club, SPA salons, hair care, barbershops, beauty salon, healthcare, dentist, private doctor, gas station, religious, veterinary care, laundry, bank, landmarks, museums, galleries, aquarium, zoo, parking, gym, travel agency, insurance, agency, ATMs, etc.


How has been the pre-ICO response so far? Are you satisfied with the way things are progressing?


Yes, we are well on-track


How do you think the blockchain technology has improved since last year and how is it going to impact your own business?


We observe some improvements on ERC20 scalability and transaction speed. Moreover, usage of ERC20 is growing with 95% of launched ICOs, this is real load & stress test


Where do you think the blockchain technology is heading and what effect is it going to have on your project in the coming years?


Blockchain has reached the critical mass on deployment cases and thus there is no way to stop it. Future is clearly in the decentralized world.


Other than your own project, do you have any favourite blockchain projects you closely follow?


One of the most disruptive is EOS project, we wish guys good luck!


Which technology areas do you think are going to be dominated by blocking technology in general and cryptocurrency in particular?


Fintech is the biggest area for change, following by new generation of social networks & messengers with integrated crypto capabilities…for sure there are many other killer applications…and ServAdvisor is one of those


What are your future growth plans?


Our mid-term target is to have 50 mio users, over 5 mio retailers / service providers connected by end of 2019


ICO Series: Interview with Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch, CEO & Founder at

ServAdvisor ICO (SRV Token): Decentralized AR/AI Services Blockchain?

The decentralization and immutability of information may very well be the greatest asset of the blockchain in an evolving world. Outside of the control of a central regulator authority, information stored on the blockchain is often permanent, and remains free from some of the abuses which help to characterize information storage in the traditional paradigm.

Consequently, more and more organizations are making use of blockchain technology to create a variety of businesses in sectors that could use the kind of freedom offered by the blockchain’s public transaction and informational ledger.

These new startups take advantage of a public distrust of the traditional model for storing information in a variety of industries. Their use of the blockchain draws the interest of young, innovative entrepreneurs who want to shake up their industry of choice.

Another technology helping to shape and shake up the technological world in 2018 is augmented reality. Developed initially for simple games and Virtual Reality experiences, AR technology has transitioned to a technology backing some seriously interesting technological innovations in recent years. Some companies are even using the technology to create unique experiences between consumers of media and their favorite artists.

What Is ServAdvisor?

ServAdvisor is working to apply both blockchain and AR technology in the creation of an app that provides a variety of uses to the average traveler. Their Initial Coin Offering lets interested parties trade capital in exchange for an early involvement in the still-developing technology.

ServAdvisor Decentralized AR/AI Services Blockchain Features

Unlike some Initial Coin Offerings, the ICO by ServAdvisor provides a clear list of the features which developers are working to include in the standalone travel application. In no particular order, explanations of these functions are included below.

A “friends and experts” section of the app is available. Though little information is provided to expand on this idea, it seems likely that this section will allow users to compile lists of both their closest travel companions and the experts which they trust on important decisions. This will help to individualize the travel review sampling experience.

The company plans to use both AR and AI technology, to revolutionize GPS tracking and user preferences respectively. Augmented reality will likely be used to display names and reviews associated with nearby points of interests in real-time, while AI will recommend user settings based on existing preferences.

The app also seeks to incentivize reviews and advertisements in order to jumpstart user interest in the reviewing functionality of the application.

Multi-language capabilities, translation programs, and a “tap to scan” feature help to maximize the user interface efficiency of the new app, while a “Wi-Fi passwords sharing module” feature allows users to share information regarding how to access free and paid Wi-Fi networks as they travel through an establishment in their town of choice.

ServAdvisor SRV Token ICO Details

The SRV coins sold during the ICO process can be used in three different ways. Consumers are able to sell or buy the tokens on an exchange, use the tokens to facilitate transactions as app users, or use the tokens ad retail/service providers.

In short, these coins can be used by buyers to become involved in the evolving economic community on the newly-created application.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: SRV
  • Token Pre- Sale Date: 06/18/18 – 07/18/18
  • Token Sale Date: 09/15/18 – 10/15/18
  • Accepted Payment Method: ETH
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000
  • Token Standard: Ethereum
  • Hard Cap: 1,690,000,000

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Welcome to ServAdvisor World.

Worldwide first decentralized services recommendation platform

Revolutionary approach leveraging benefits of blockchain technology and providing direct connection between retailers, service providers and users. ServAdvisor is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we consume services by bringing customer experience to a new level due to a combination of Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customer incentivized review platform.